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Apple Cider Vinegar has been working well for me. I had a 'main' one and a few surrounding. It started to callous but after a few days of the ACV I was able to remove the dead surrounding skin. So far the wart just looks smaller. It hurts some but not too much. I'm nervous about this though. Is it bad to have ACV on the fresh skin underneath the callous?

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does the ball of your foot swell , mine is and it hurts


Nope nothing is swollen but the acv is making my skin peel and get a little raw.I've been alternating acv with vitamin e oil. The vitamin e oil has helped heal my skin.


Thanks for mentioning the vitamin E oil, Lea. My skin also peeled with the ACV so if I get another wart in the future, I'll use vitamin E along with the ACV.


I was wondering how this has been going for you? I just recently started the acv treatment and very scared..I guess mainly because I don't want it to spread or come back. My skin is swollen around the infected aread but no black dots yet.

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