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i am a 18 year old i had braces for 5 years so i am a very neat freak with my teeth its a habit to make sure there clean also i have problems with my tonsils but i use hydrogen poroxide and baking soda toothpaste and also after i brush my teeth with hydrogen peroxide after im done and let it sit for 2 mins its natrualy in most toothpaste but theres not enough to get the white effects that you want i do this 3 times a day after brecfast lunch and dinner since i had braces its a habbit i ve carryed on to brush after every meal after brushing with the peroxide you might get cotton mouth but ive done this for 5 years and my teeth have stayed white i wouldnt reccomend it for people with sensative gums it might make ur gums bleed or sore goodluck everyone

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