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Crush up a strawberry with a fork and add baking soda. Then mix in lemon juice and peroxide. scrub your teeth for about five minutes and keep putting more of the mixture onto you toothbrush. (dont use your normal toothbruse because it is really hard to get the seeds out) Your teeth will be alot whiter after doing this once. When your done brush your teeth with toothpaste and rince with water. Your gums may hurt for a couple of minutes after you do this but it is well worth it.

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Wow, you people are dumb. Peroxide is for your teeth it is not toxic. Read the bottle. This works great! If you would actually try it you would be amazed. So really dont be so soon to judge something until you try it. This it the best thing ive ever used to whiten my teeth.


dude sed great results after just ONE use so probly if u do it once then just brush ur teeth like ur suppose to ya wont have to worry as much :P

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