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Crush up a strawberry with a fork and add baking soda. Then mix in lemon juice and peroxide. scrub your teeth for about five minutes and keep putting more of the mixture onto you toothbrush. (dont use your normal toothbruse because it is really hard to get the seeds out) Your teeth will be alot whiter after doing this once. When your done brush your teeth with toothpaste and rince with water. Your gums may hurt for a couple of minutes after you do this but it is well worth it.

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Can the lemon juice be bottled, or does it have to be fresh?


Uhhh hello strawberries will ruin your enamel and once it's gone it's gone forever so DON'T DO THIS REMEDY


Um, strawberries? I wouldn't worry about that! Id be more concern about the lemon juice, thats citric acid there buddy, it well kill your teeth in a few weeks if you do that! Say good bye to you enamel and kissing any cuties!! Well throw that out the window as well because no one wants to kiss a person with nasty teeth! Just brush your teeth twice a day everyday!! And floss! You'll be fine in a few weeks! You have time to sit around all day! You should have 4 -7 mins a day to brush your teeth, there the only pair you have! Take care of them! :)


holy crap! am i the only one who thinks the peroxide will KILL YOU? I mean, isent that stuff toxic?


peroxide wont kill you, its used as an antiseptic to clean wounds. swallowing it might, if you dont contact the poison control center. i wouldnt recommend putting it in your mouth.


If you read the bottle it does say oral rinse on is used to get rid of sore throats.


Straw berries are soft in nature so it wont damage enamel. how ever using baking soda and lime is not a good combination. It will damage enamel


you can use hydrogen peroxide just fine as long as you don't swallow (too much--best to avoid swallowing any at all to be safe) it. you also have to take note of the concentration. do your research before you go ahead with this.


I have had a licensed dental hygenist tell me baking powder and or baking soda mixed with water into a paste will work and is safe. For those who say baking soda eats away at your enamel is wrong. They alreay make toothpaste with baking soda in it so why would they do that if it was bad for your teeth??

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Nobody said anything about baking soda eating the enamel.

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