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I was diagnosed with HSV1 located genitally over 13 years ago. I had a BAD inital outbreak (heavy valtrex was used)... but NONE ever since (there is hope for those just diagnosed) until yesterday. While not nearly as bad as the first one, the location of this one is painful (it's swelling and making it hard to pee). I came on here and last night I took a bath in espom salts, and made a tylenol paste.
I used tylenol, benadryl (which is what the PM is in tylenol PM), and vagisil. Mixed into a paste. I dried the area well, applied Abreva and then applied the paste. OMG ... IT WORKS! All night and some of the morning I was pain/itch/burn free and the swelling was lessened. It started again this afternoon so I again soaked and reapplied. SO HAPPY it works.

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I have had gential herpes for over a yr. My first experience was horrific. I felt like I was on fire and it was very painful. I am having my first outbreak and by me not having any insurance,the medicine is expensive.I deceide to look up some home remedies and is very glad I did. I have been in pain all day and when I found this site I deceide to try this remedy and as soon as I put the abreeva on I felt instant relief.Thank you so much for posting this because I felt like my herpes was going to control my life.

lADY d

How do i make the paste?

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