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Soak a cotton swab with cider vinegar and press gently on infected area (ulcer). May sting for a few seconds, but instant pain relief, and swelling and inflamation disappears immediately. Apply generously for a few days until healed.

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thank you thank you thank you. seriously ive had a mouth ulcer for about a week now and i can barely eat or even smile without feeling the pain. i just tried the cider and the pain is gone!!! my mouth is numb but, no pain! thanks again!


thanks stung a little to start but soon went numb .........bliss


I have been suffering from a large ulcer at the site of a molar extraction...very painful...for a week. Using pain meds and ibuprofin. Never thought to use cider vinegar even though I use it for lots of things. So I just tried bled a bit but didn't hurt, no pain for now...will see how it looks in the morning. I am feeling pretty positive it will be better!!!

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