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Just wanted previous submitters to know - thank you so much for the suggestions. I bought a bar of Fels-
Naptha soap at the grocery store and washed my hives very well. Then I put on the generic icy-hot. It burned so badly for a couple of minutes and then my skin got super cold. It stayed cold and itch free for a long time. I was able to sleep without taking the stong ( rx ) antihistamine which causes drowsiness the next day. THANK YOU again !!! :)

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Just an update and a suggestion to try for hives. Although I was told my hives were caused by the sun, I thought that possibly a lavender fabric softener could be causing hives as well. I rewashed my clothing and bedclothes and this helped greatly. Also,I found that the lotion you put on after a sunburn was good for mild itching. The kind I used had tea tree oil and aloe. I wish everyone with hives - fast healing !!!

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