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My son has had horrible plaque psorasis for a very long time. Its from his knees down, very think, very scaly with some itching, becoming intense at time. I have see several doctors who say they cannot do anything due to his age. We have had a cream that was Rx'd for him, work for a while, quit. Ive did all that I know to do for him.

The first thing I tried was actually an ointment that I got from a tatoo shop, in a small tin canister, the name has left me at this time. I was desperate for something and it worked!!! I ran out, and my friend went out of business and I haven't been able to find it. I am thinking it had hemp in it. cleared it up quick!
Next thing I tried was Dead Sea salts purchased at walmart in a large jar,since, after his trip to the beach, he came home with 0 Psoriasis, he soaked in a tubfull of the salt, and while towling off, the scales came off too..leaving pink, tender skins underneath, I applied babyoil. That worked until he got older and was just not going to bath like that.
Next thing I took him back to the doctor, got the same reply, nothing. I think proceded to just let it go. During the summer is was hardly noticiable, but when winter set in it was worse than ever, covering his legs completley, with cracks and bleeding. He actually has two scars from this.
I went to the dept. store and bough psoriangel and it was amazing at how it worked so well, we used that and it brought it off his legs, but left the plaque on his knees and ankles,but it was undercontrol. It quit working. We have moved on to Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated moisturizer, large tube, last a long time had 2% of salicylic acid.
This worked super great at first, cleared it all up, my son could actually see his knees for once, but alas, it quit working.
Your best bet is to go with the dead sea salt soak bath, immediatley dry off paying attention to the affected area to try to scrub off all the scales you can, then apply a lotion that has dead sea minerals in it. I had some from AVON, Im sure you can find lotion with dead sea salt in it online. Sea Salt is the key! Also, winter months are worse because more clothes have to be worn, which keeps the disease in the dark. My son sleeps in shorts so his legs can 'breath' this helps too! Good Luck and I hope at least one thing I said can help someone, like they say, no two people are the same!

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Tattoo Goo is probably what you used.

goto tattoogoo(dot)com

they won't let me post a link inhere.... obviously, take out the (dot) and put a . in place


the reason he cleared up after the beach is the sun and the sand, sunlight is a natural cure and the sand is a natural exfoliant. Vitamin D plus a tanning membership can help in the winter months.


I've used dead sea salt from San Francisco salt company. Reasonably priced and works great. Much better product than what u would find at ur local drugstore, less perfumes and chemicals. Hope it helps!


Also try Palmer's cocoa butter GEL OIL. U can find it at any drugstore or Walmart, reasonably priced. Bathe then rinse off in warmer water to open ur pores, keep shower curtain closed to keep humidity in the shower and rub down with the Palmer's then just pat dry. I use it as an allover moisturizer for my body (not face though, too oily). Works great!

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