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First, I have noticed many people confuse canker sores with cold sores. They are not the same! A dermatologist prescribed prednisone for my canker sores. It works great!! The only problem is that prednisone has many side effects I'd like to avoid. I am looking for more natural remedies, so thank you all for what you've posted here. A major contributor to my canker sores has been an allergy or sensitivity to chlorine in the water supply. Our town only chlorinates periodically. This could be a factor for some of you, especially if your water is chrlorinated. Bottled or filtered water would probably help you. I have also found stress, hormones, and some foods, especially nuts and seeds, are culprits. I just wish someone would come up with a cure and I feel for all of you who have suffered with canker sores.

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I suffered with gangs of canker sores all my life, worse when I'd get sick. At 55 I had a heart attack and during rehab was told by my cardiologist that by using Cool Mint Listerine mouth wash a few times every day it would reduce the plaque from my mouth that get into your circulatory system and builds on artery walls (Mich.U study, Men's Health Mag 2003) Sounded good and was cheap to try. I don't know the effects on my arteries, but I am still alive and since I tried it I noticed that I would very seldom get a canker sore. If you bite the inside of your mouth rinse out ASAP. By the way, you are right, cold sores are a whole other animal. As soon as you feel one coming on, drink 1/4 to 1/3 bottle liquid acidophilus and the rest in a couple days, knocks the heck out of those miserable little grinches.

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