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Brew a bag of Lipton green tea while still warm place warm tea bag on ear as well as a dampened wash cloth that's been warmed in the microwave reheat as needed the steam and healing properties of the tea will really work the effects aren't immediate but within an hour your ears will feel much better.

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The healing properties of tea is amazing. Each herb has different effects on the body. Even more so amazing is that many of the actual healing benefits aren't released into the body unless the tea is boiled..


My seven year old just had a terrible earache. I put the warm tea bag on her ear, covered it with the warm washcloth and she relaxed and fell fast asleep. She said it felt better right away. Thank you!!


I tried this and it did work for a little while but my son woke up later saying his ear still hurt. I later went to the vitamin shope and bought lavender oil, garlic oil and olive leaf oil. I put 2 squeezes of the garlic oil and olive leaf oil and 3-4 drops of lavender oil (I added the lavender oil after 2 previous tries...but the pain came back,. I put this all in a clean cup and placed the cup in a bowl of boiled water. Give this a little time, not super long, to combine then let cool to a nice warm temp. I used a cotton ball to squeeze into his ear. He had a ruff night before hand but right after I dropped this into his ear (the next day) he went to sleep. While he slept (2 hours later) I dropped more into his ear and placed a piece of cotton ball in. I had him lay with the infected ear up for 30 minutes then I rolled him onto the other side to let it drain. If I looked it up earlier, I would have added mullein oil for the pain.

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