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OMG!!! after trying all the usual home remedies, cold compresses, aloe Vera, lotion without oil, advil, I was still in horrible pain from my tanning bed burn, I saw someone say vinegar, I'm at my dads house and he only had balsamic I tried to dab it on and it was really sticky, So then I found some yellow mustard in the fridge, I red the back of the bottle and the main ingratiate is vinegar, As soon as I put it on INSTANT RELIEF I don't know why it works but it definitely does! It is messy but just take a cool shower after it dries and you will feel way better. thanks to everyone that recommended it, I wish I would have came across this sooner!

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Kerry T.

So I decided that since I have been working out this spring I need to have a tan to compliment my new rock body. I went to the tanning bed and layed there for 25 minutes. It wasn't until abou 1am I realized that was a bad idea. I was so burnt that I could not get comfy enough to sleep nor to do anything else. I woke up in the morning and it was sssosooo painful to get out of bed and walk. I put lotion on and......nothing. so I came to the internet of course. I tried the mustard and it did provide temp relief. But that was it. Once it came off it hurt I decided 2 500mg pain relievers and a lot of lotion will help. Also I put on a loss fitting thong (women) because it seems our buttcrack is the only thing not burnt!!!!!! So my boyfriends tshirt a loss thong and a lot of lotion will do the trick. There's no long term remedy. Time. That's all. Plus mustard smells horrid and I looked dumb with it all over my body!!!! Good luck!


I tried your stupid remedy and it burned the crap out of my back and shoulders!!!! To get rid of it I had to take an oatmeal bath and put milk on it. Now I smell like mustard and so does my hotel room! Thanks for the the tip.


I used your remedy & it worked..Thank you!

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