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I have a number of remedies for Anxiety and/or Stress, starting with my top recomendation and on.

1. Hypnosis/self hypnosis - this has been show to be the most benificial alternative remedy that doesn't involve medication, herbs, supplements ect. You can even hypnotize yourself and there are many programs out there on the internet for that.

2. Blue Vervain - a natural herb that is usually found as a tincture, has no adverse reactions known and promotes relaxation, due to the fact that it is a natural muscle relaxer. It only lasts a couple of hours and needs to be taken several times throughout the day, however. Some may not like the taste of it either, but is better when mixed with tea.

3. Kavaa - a natural muscle relaxer, the strongest I know out there and can be found in a variety of means (ie tea or pills, etc). However, it can cause insomnia and should only be taken in the morning. It can also cause memory lapses and decreased concentration or focus. It should not be taken every day, and only in intervals with at least a week off every month. The positive benifit is that it puts you in a very relaxed state, can take away muscle spasms, twitches, rashes and other stress related problems. I suggest Yogi Kavaa Stress Relief Tea with Kavaa.

Other Herbs for Anxiety/Stress:

Gotu kola
Passion flower

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In the past year I have developed 'anxiety disorder' as my scientific doctor calls it. She gave me xanex and told me to take one whole pill if I can't get out of my attack in a few minutes. That was no good to me. I can't run a forklift for 10 hours a day on meds. Doesn't work and the Doc only wants to give me more meds. It was time to find a better solution. I started an herbalism course through Susun Weed. She is amazing. My advise to anyone with panic and anxiety issues is to try peppermint infusion. The tea is not strong enough. Take one ounce of dried peppermint and put it in a one quart mason jar. Fill with boiling water and put lid on. Let that sit for FOUR hours. drink one cup in morning and one at night. Drink at first signs of attack as well.

Other infusions to nourish your body and supply you with energy are Nettle and Oatstraw. Try some. Check out Susun Weed's web site for more.

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