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For Dizziness, you can start by taking an Iron Supplement in the morning. Only take half the recommended dose, however since Iron can interact with the absorbtion of other vitamins, like Vitamin D, and therefore cause issues with absorbing calcium. You may also want to supplement this with vitamin D or a regular multivitamin. Most multivitamins with iron themselves will not have enough iron to counteract any dizziness that you may be experiencing. That's why it's good to take an iron pill along with a regular multivitamin or just Vitamin D.

Dizziness should start to diminish within a couple of days or so. If not, there may be other avenues you may want to persue, like checking your blood sugar levels, or consulting with your doctor, etc.

This has worked for me and may work for others, especially if there is a history of anemia in your family. The dizzy spells made dieting almost impossible until I started taking Iron. I noticed that my joint pain started to come back, however, and had to increase my vitamin D intake and lower my Iron intake and the joint pain along with the dizzy spells have all gone away.

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