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I've had great success - 100% so far - preventing fever blisters. Take a raw aspirin (non-enteric coated). Put it in just a couple of drops of water till it turns to a gritty paste (just a minute or two, aspirin dissolves quickly). Apply this to the area. It has prevented - 100%- fever blisters for me, and the first time I used it, I already had one forming, and the aspirin paste stopped it in its tracks. I first tried this remedy because I read online a study in which chronic fever blister sufferers who went on a daily aspirin regimen for unrelated heart problems saw a dramatic reduction in their outbreaks. I took it one step further and applied it directly to the site, and so far it's been perfect. Good luck!

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Trying this now hoping it works. I don't get fever blisters often but knew that tingling feeling today when i got it. I was out and as soon as I felt it I went to the store and bought abreva and applied. Ten minutes later I could see it forming and was very upset. Will post tomorrow to let future sufferers know how this worked for me.


OK so this definately did help and work I still got my fever blister but it is not as noticeable as in the past. I added liquid vitamin e to the mix as well since I had it on hand. It is itching tonight which tells me its starting to heal which is nice instead of getting worse.


I actually tried the aspirin (excedrin) and it worked for me I also continued using abreva and within a 24hr period my blister wasn't even noticeable....I'm smiling as I'm typing this....this is my second out break in almost a year. I was devastated the first time I got it and I didn't know what I was going to do. The Dr gave me some medicine and told me it might come back and this time I found this site and I just wanna thank you so much for this remedy cause it certainly worked for me...thank you....thank you...thank you


Getting over birth of my 2nd child, breastfeeding so to say my immune system isn't 100% after a csection would be an understatement. woke up this morning to find i had 2 hugh blisters on both corners of my mouth, but the one on the left is bigger & spreading. I did some online research earlier, tried a few things like toothpaste, alcohol, vinger, but stopped b4 trying bleach like my bff suggested. i came across this entry and said what the heck. i tried everything else i have some in the house n it didn't hurt to apply the paste at all for me b/c of the applications of alcohol. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hope this clears it up b/c i can't kiss my girls n that is killing me. i dont want to give it to them of course, so mommy has to tuff it out.


I really hope this works...I have a date tomorrow night and this is so not cute. I woke up this morning with a fever blister small bump that formed over night...I immediately called the doc. and got an Rx for Acyclovir (sp) been taking all day but want to try this as well to make it work faster. I'm sitting here now with the paste on hoping as I type its shrinking...


Its working! I caught this one late so it was getting BIG. I've been eating lysene and vitamin c as well icing it regularly. Slept with the asprin paste on it and today its mostly done!


I am trying this now! I've suffered with fever blisters since middle school and am now 31. I am praying this works for me as well as it has for others. Will make a follow up post tomorrow... Fingers crossed, because I have to work a 12 hour shift for the next 3 days & don't want this gigantic thing staring at my co-workers!!!


How long should I leave the mask on the blister before washing it off? Also, what will happen if I use a coated ibuprofen pill? It dissolves and becomes a paste but I'm worried about the coating and what that will do if I put that on a blister.. thanks!


I woke up with fever blisters forming upper and lower lips yesterday. I applied a BC powder and water paste as soon as I could, and slept with the paste on all night. Day two, home from work with fresh paste. The paste burned when I applied but pain is subsiding as I type. This (along with icing my lips) may be my miracle remedy for these awful sores.

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