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I've had great success - 100% so far - preventing fever blisters. Take a raw aspirin (non-enteric coated). Put it in just a couple of drops of water till it turns to a gritty paste (just a minute or two, aspirin dissolves quickly). Apply this to the area. It has prevented - 100%- fever blisters for me, and the first time I used it, I already had one forming, and the aspirin paste stopped it in its tracks. I first tried this remedy because I read online a study in which chronic fever blister sufferers who went on a daily aspirin regimen for unrelated heart problems saw a dramatic reduction in their outbreaks. I took it one step further and applied it directly to the site, and so far it's been perfect. Good luck!

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I have suffered with ever blisters for 30 years. I have tried *every* over the counter medicine...none worked for me. I tried prescriptions no avail. I started to get a blister yesterday morning. By the time I realized it was a fever blister....a small bump had already formed (no tingling first as usual). So I panicked and started to research this topic again. I came across this site and immediately got some non-coated aspirin and also some Grape Seed Extract (GSE); as mentioned later on this site.

I always take Lysine for my blisters which *does* help a lot. It just doesn't stop it. So, I had already taken 2 Lysine pills. Then, I took a GSE capsule and mixed it with a little water to make a paste and applied. Well this did GREAT; the small blister was easily reduced to half its size. Hours later when I brushed my teeth again, I actually forgot about the blister (I was feeling sooo good). But, after brushing I started to feel the infamous *tingling sensation*. I panicked and decided to switch to the aspirin method as Rich so kindly shared. worked!!!! I reapplied it before I went to bed. In the past, regardless of what I used on my blisters, the next morning they would ALWAYS be larger. Depending on what I used/took the blister always grew overnight, sometimes more so than others.

But today (24 hours later)....I am soooo *happy* to say that the tingling stopped once I applied the further growth in the blister and no multiplying of blisters (hated that!!!) It remains just this small little bump on my lip... unnoticeable to anyone else's eye. I am curious to see how long before it disappears.....=- )

However, I have reapplied the aspirin mask on my lip this morning and hopefully it will be gone today.

AGAIN....RICH, thank you so very much!


Worked for me too! I just wish I'd checked out this site definitely stopped it from getting any bigger, but now I need to figure out what to do to make the scab heal faster.

Big Hunken Fever Blister Suffer

Wow! I had the biggest fever blister I have ever had in all 35+ years I have been getting them, the whole bottom portion of the right side of my lip. And I was searching for remedies when I ran across this site (nothing I had used in the past seemed to work and I have tried perscribtion meds to over-the-counter). I decided to try your remedy. I used Goody's Extra Strength Aspririn Powder. First time I put the paste on, I only had time for about a 15 minute application. I couldn't believe what it did in such a short time. I am setting at the computer typing this with more paste on my lip. Hoping for even better results. Putting the asparin paste on is very very very painful application! But once the inital pain wears off (in about 2 minutes or less)it is worth it. Why didn't I know about this years ago. I will use this from now on! So impressed with the results!!!


This did not work for me. idk. different remedies work for different people i guess


To make a long story short, this works! My fever blisters went from lasting 2 weeks to lasting 2 days. I couldn't believe it. Thank you!


I have suffered with fever blisters my WHOLE life and spent TONS of money. I am tring this as we speak. Hope it works! Hurts like heck putting it on though! I will let you know. Thanks for the suggestion.


So i came home from work this morning i felt the tingly feeling. when i checked the mirror small bumps were rising... before i went to sleep i applied the aspirin. when i woke the bumps were'nt tender and were soooo small!!! Im going put it on tonight & hopefully it will be gone in the morning. THANKS RICH!


I have had many fever blisters in the past month, and I'm going to try thins tonight. Hope this works! I always have to get my mother to make me doctor appointments for this ugly growth that people have to suffer with!


THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!! I have been getting cold sores my whole life twice a year and yesterday morning the dreaded bump appeared. I tried ice, which has helped before, but it was too late this time. By nighttime it was HUGE...I was mortified to have to go to work the next day. I read this and immediately sent my boyfriend out to get aspirin. I put it on a couple times before bed then wore it while i slept and the next morning VOILA! the blister was gone and it just looked my lips were a bit chapped. I put carmex on through out the day to help and was in the best mood that I didnt have two weeks of embarrassment and and pain ahead o me.


Trying this now hoping it works. I don't get fever blisters often but knew that tingling feeling today when i got it. I was out and as soon as I felt it I went to the store and bought abreva and applied. Ten minutes later I could see it forming and was very upset. Will post tomorrow to let future sufferers know how this worked for me.

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