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the best investment in my 24 years of life. 2 weeks ago i bought an air purifier from Canadian Tire for $70. as long as i can remember i have woken up several times a night so stuffed up and lucky if one night i week i could acctually blow my nose its like its always swelled shut..... since i bought this unit i have been amazed, i was in the middle of a cold, and 3 days after i bought it i was healthy witch might not sound that good but for the past 3 years i haven't been able to get over a cold on my own, it last 2 or 3 weeks before i finally drag my ass to the doctor and get some pills. seriously i can't describe how nice it is to breathe ive had nasal problems for 15 years, i still find myself blowing my nose through the day but this thing has changed my life BUY ONE!!!!

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do you have the model number and information on ho wto buy the air purifier you mention

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