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The best remedy for a toothache is pure vanilla extract placed directly on the bad tooth. It's instant relief. The taste is terrible, but it works.

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I can't believe puttin vanilla extract on my broken tooth would work that quick and that well. I just found a new love!!!!

Forever Grateful (and hopefully sleeping now) in Providence, RI

I honestly was terrified that this would make my tooth hurt worse than it already does. I have a completely broken tooth, half of it broke off and there's an exposed nerve. It's been that way for months, vicodin didn't make it feel much better, the only pain pill that seemed to work when taken in moderation was oxycotin. (I have to take at least 3 or 4 aleves or tylenols for it to work) But this instantly stopped the pain. I've just taken it, so I'm not sure how long it will last, but it did instantly stop it. It tastes horrible, absolutely terrible, but it works, and that's all that matters! Thank you so much for posting this.


Even the imitation kinda of work but for real results use str8 up vanilla extract works like a charm.

T. Williams

My husband has had a severe toothache for 2 days. I was online looking for anything that could give him some relief. He's been taking pain medicane on an hourly basis and nothing worked. That was until I stumbled across this comment about using vanilla extract. IT WORKS!!!! My husband says THANK YOU!!!!!!!


It does work, and quickly!


This worked mostly. My girlfriend had the whole side of her mouth hurting insanely badly and when she swished the vanilla it dimminished most of the pain but one tooth.


Pure Vanilla Extract is often 'extracted' by soaking the beans in grain alcohol. The alcohol is likely what's giving the relief. Just a thought.


It took a lil while to work on me the doctor pput me on cephalecin doesnt seem to work for the infection i got it sucks i cant sleep


Oh tooth pain is the worst. I feel for all who expierience it. I was surprised this actually helped ease the pain. I will surely remember this in the future.


ive been up since half 3 and ran out of pain killers. my tooth is killing an i cant sleep. but using this it is slowly removing the pain.

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