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The best remedy for a toothache is pure vanilla extract placed directly on the bad tooth. It's instant relief. The taste is terrible, but it works.

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i hope your not pulling my leg


I LOOOOOVE this.. vanilla worked so well.. i put it on a cotton swab and doused the area that had killed in on contact.. so did that citrus extract I had.


I've heard that putting ground cinnamon on the tooth and surrounding gums will help out.


I have tried this remedy in the past and swear by it. It has always worked for me to relieve the pain. The imitation vanilla does not work though.


My seven year old son had severe tooth pain from a cracked tooth! I used pure lemon extract ,it was all I had it worked great ! Thank god he was finally able to sleep!!!!!!!!!!


I have been in pain for two days nothing was working, but I tried the vanilla extract and it helped so much thanks


i love this remedy it works because i just put the vanilla extract on and poof no more pain.


Wow it workS!

Mollie Houghton

my boyfriend had an open nerve. the dentist apt. was less than 10 hours away nothing was working until i stumbled across this. it worked long enough to get to the dentist. I CANT BELIEVE IT REALLY WORKED!!!!


I read on this website that pure vinialla extract works on toothpain. I tried it and wow it worked. I tried gounded cloves which worked for while tho .
I cracked my tooth in the same place 6 times with popcorn kernels 6 different times. Murphys law huh.

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