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I want to thank everyone for there post! I also want to remind people that psoriasis is different for every person what works for one might not work for anothere! I have had psoriasis for 20 ish years since I was about 7 and have tried a lot of stuff! I have found for me eucerin lotion helps and the stuff for craddle cap helps for my scalp BUT it makes your hair very greasy not recommended if u want to leave the house without a hat even with several washes its still yuck! Crisco helps on my knees and elbows. Corn husker lotion helps some people and tea tree oil helps some! My best friends psoriasis cleared up after using dove body wash. And some people take codliver oil tablets (YUCK I tried can't stand the taste)also if I take 2 tbls of applecider vinegar twice a day after several days it helps some but I have a weak tummy and struggle to do it continuously. Try think perfume free lotions in general. Also tanning or being outside helps and chlorinated pools help me! Always ask ur dr before taking stuff. And good luck!!

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I've had it since I was 14 I'm now 31. The two things that always work for me are tanning and swimming. I think it's the mixture of the sun and chlorine?? Not sure? Also Murad products clear it right up. They are a bit expensive, but worth it.


This may help the persons who could not stand cod liver oil. I was so too. But now a days C L O is available flavoured mint, lemon etc. quite palatable!

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