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If you are going to sleep with a sore throat and always wake up feeling worse try this: right before going to bed (making sure you won't be drinking anything else that night) swallow 2 tablespoons of honey. This will coat your troat so it won't dry out. Trust me, it works. It's a remedy that's been taught in my family for years.

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I will be trying this remedy tonight. I am a vocalist in a chorale and we have a performance soon...i need to get better. its hard when singing is your life,then you get a sore throat.


Sadly this didn't work for me. My throat is still dried out even after the honey :(


Thx i think this is a good remidy. ill try it. btw ur a fukin bitch


Every girl besides me is a bitch


Nope, this one didn't work for me either. On to the next remedy..

mature and sick.

people commenting on here cursing is highly immature.. but i will be trying this. ty.


I think some of you need to rinse your mouth with soap. No wonder your throat hurts! I will be trying the honey tonight.

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