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Oh My god, I have been in agony for 2 days, last night i had no sleep and today i have been crying all day from the pain. This is my 3rd absessed tooth in five years. I have already had two root canals which although we are told they are painless they are excrutiating. I have been to the doctors and was given strong painkiller and antibiotics.... nothing worked. Came on this site and whoala!!! I haver just tried 3 things swilling with warm salt water. swilling with antiseptic mouth wash and garlic cloves, the swilling did relieve pain but as soon as i placed garlic cloves on was amazing after 10 minutes the painful throbbing had gone and i was in no pain. I am still going dentist tomorrow knowing from my previous absesses that the pain will return if i dont get it sorted. But thank you to this site!!

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