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I have been reading about the mange.
The motor oil remedy is very dangerous. An animal with low immunity will get kidney and liver permanent damage from the petroleum products. Do not do this.
Even petroleum jelly is not recommended.
I recommend working from internal aspect.
Its the toxins in the pet food. Dog food that is not human grade including I AMs is made from rendered meat. This is the source of all grocery store dog feed. It is full of toxins and they build up in the animals system.
To help the animal once you have the mites under control find a Human grade dog food. A few examples are Prairie by Natures Variety. Fromme, Avoderm, all these kind of foods will state that they protein is human grade. Stay away from the tainted stuff. Purina etc all bad news. Use Salmon oil and enzymes in the food. These are some tips that can make a huge difference long term.

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I like your response to home remedies. I have had 3 westies which have a lot of health problems anyhow. But I have one of them that have the mange and I am at witts end. So I will try the better dog foods and the salmon oil.


We use a holistic dog food from a natural pet store. . . .we have tried all different foods, and this is the one our three large dogs can handle. That being said, our one dog continues to have demodex. It starts around September and throughout the heating season. Advantage Multi, after a few months does work. But will try the coconut oil. Our dog that does have the issue is immuno compromised. This mange does not affect the other two dogs.


My dog has always been on a human grade food diet. While I am sure that poor-quality food can contribute to dogs getting sick, food is definitely not the only thing that leads to mange. :(

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