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Toothache in the night. I first used salt water. Swished it around & let in sit on tooth for a bit. Then I put a green tea bag under warm water til it was moist & added about 5 drops of clove oil. Wrapped it around my molar(top tooth) & sort of bit down a tad to keep it in place. Left it on 4 about 20 minutes & it took the pain away. This morning tooth started hurting again so I did the same routine & it's been 3 hours & it still doesn't hurt. Still a tad tender but major pain gone!! OH I took 2 extra strength Tylenol each time too.

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The green tea treatment really helped. I had washed with warm salt-water solution and rinsed a second time with Listerine as well as took one 200mg Advil but the pain continued. I then tried the green tea treatment without any clove oil and it worked. It brought the pain down significantly. I also prayed to God to lessen the pain. Thank you for your tip.

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