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Everybody and anybody who recommended tea bags. THANK YOU so much! I've been in such agonizing pain for a few days now. Can't get to DR or Dentist til next week and haven't been able to sleep. After reading on here I figured I'd try the easiest and cheapest suggestion and bought some tea bags. brewed a cup and drained the bag slightly wadded it up and chomped down on it. The warmth was amazing to soothe and the natural medicinal use of tea really helped relieve a lot of the pressure. I knew to use tea for eye problems but would've never thought for the pain relief of a bad tooth! If you find yourself on here reading how to relief the pain try it i paid less than a dollar fifty for store brand black tea and it was amazing! and again thank you to all who suggested this!!

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just use a liquid pain releiver (childrens flavored motrin or tylenol swish it around in your mouth and bam its gone

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