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a VERY HAPPY camper

I was in MASSIVE pain today! 3 days after having a molar extracted I was pretty sure I had a dry socket. I have never had one but have heard talk from others that have had it. My wife being the main one. She said she would go get me some clove oil. Well, I was not so sure about that so she and I did a search on it and she found this site and I started reading all the post and sure enough, plenty were singing it's praises. So she went to the drug store to get some and I started rinsing with warm salt water to flush the area good. She got back and I mixed a few drops with some water and applied it with a Q-Tip. Almost immediately I felt some relief!! So I waited a couple of minutes and applied some to a damp gauze and placed it in the space and bit down and left it there for 30 minutes. Guess what? PAIN FREE!! I am a firm believer now for sure! Just as others said, DO NOT use full strength as it will burn bad. (Got a small amount on the corner of my mouth and found this out...) She also said it could be mixed with olive oil as well since that was the way she did it years ago. I'm telling you, this stuff worked like a charm!

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i just wanna say thank you because i had never heard of this dry socket until i goggle after care for extractions and realized i had this condition then i read up on treatment and i found you info very helpful i ran right to walgreens and just liek your husband said in minutes my mouth felt alot better and just like him i got a lil in the corner of my mouth but i would rather have that than pain so thank you thank you thank you your info was a great help to me and well appreciated!!!!


Pain free after clove oil. Is this temporary relief and when does the extraction site finally heal?

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