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Ok, i HAD to post because today is the first day i've woken up pain free or slept pretty decent in about a week. Half my mouth is swollen and half my head has been hurting. Started taking ibuprofen and aleve but that stopped working at the beginning. Tried loritab with the other two and that would help for about an hour and the pain would come back. Finally went to the er the other night and the gave my vicodin but that was a joke and didn't help at all. Spent about an hour on this site the other night and thought most of the thing would just make it worse but i was desperate last night to sleep. The pain has been so bad i couldn't even lay down an tried propping myself up on pillows to sleep. After an hour of no relief and not being able to even doze off this is what i tried.
I gargled with warm salt water for about a minute, which i added a few drops of vanilla to (mostly because the salt water makes me gag)
I have a heat pad thing that you can put in the microwave and i warmed it for about 2mins and put in on my face and neck and it was like magic when the pain seemed to melt away.
Don't know exactly what it was but something sure helped and i had to share and hope it helps someone else out there.
Tooth pain is the worst pain ever and if you've found this site i hope you can find relief soon.

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