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My name is Jess. I am 13. I have been experiencing panic attacks for a year now, and while many of you have been dealing with it longer than I have, I have already reached my breaking point. Maybe it's because I've been a lifelong worrier; maybe it's because my father has it; maybe it's because I'm a type I diabetic. Nevertheless, when I first noticed my panic attacks, I thought I was dying. I spent the last weeks of my seventh grade year sleeping in my parent's bed, only getting out twice a day to eat, then back to bed. I didn't sleep much, though. The fear kept me wide awake. My parents decided to take me to see a therapist. We decided I have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and we worked together to see how we could fix it. My panic and anxiety seemed to lessen once the new school year started, until slowly it began to get worse. Every month there would be a period of time in which my anxiety and panic would become unbearable. I would breakdown, and, recently, into tears, wishing this was over. I had tried the techniques, the relaxing, the praying, the thinking positively, the home remedies. We are against using medication in fear of it having a negative effect on me. The breathing, praying, and thinking positively helped for awhile. But now, I have a new problem; school. I cannot last an hour in every classroom anymore without fear of going low or high (blood sugar, diabetic issues) or hyperventilating - I'd done it once before, I will do anything to avoid having it happen again. I have also noticed it only happens in my classrooms up stairs, and four out of seven of my classes happen to be on the second floor. This has been happening ever since last friday, when I had a major panic attack right in the middle of an exam - not because it was hard, simply because I feared I would die, the floor would cave in, or I would cause a scene by going low or hyperventilating. I have not made an entire school day since then. Yesterday, I made it to three. Today, five. Tomorrow, I hope I will make it through the day. Also, I have noticed that the feel of my panic and anxiety changes every few weeks. It's always different, it's as if there are stages. One stage will be bad, the next, decent, the next, good, then back to bad, and the cycle continues. I can only hope that this current stage will be over soon and that I can stop the cycle.

Enough about me, though!
Here are some things I have found to help me during my struggle.
- Taking 10-20 minutes out of your day to meditate and relax. Doing yoga, breathing, whatever it takes.
- When in a panic attack, think 'Alright. I have been through this before many times. I can and will do it again. Take your shot, panic!'. Don't forget to breath deeply into your stomach. Count if you must, 'In, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... Hold it ... Out, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... In, 1 ..' (and so on) Think of things that make you happy. For me, it's childhood memories of parks I used to go to, or hanging out with friends, or thinking of a favourite song, or my family. I've read from a newsletter I get from a site called Panic Away to count down from 20. Tell yourself, 'Okay, panic. If x is going to happen to me, it must happen within these next 20 seconds. This is your only chance!' And begin the count down. DO NOT COUNT DOWN FAST! Take your time! When you get down to five and below, tease it by saying '5.. 4 and a half.. four.. Come on now, time's almost up! 3 and three quarters, 3 and a half.. any time now!' etc., as this will boost your confidence by showing that even if you allow extra time, nothing will happen! Remember that a panic attack will never hurt you.
- Exercise. I know you've heart it everywhere, but it really does help! Not only that, but even talking a walk every day can help make you much happier.
- I cannot stress this enough. SLEEP. If you do not get enough sleep, your tiredness is GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR ANXIETY AND PANIC WORSE. Trust. Me. On. That.
- Talk to someone about what's going on. A friend, family, a doctor, your teacher, even! Talking about it never ceases to help me. Finding a friend who also deals with a form of panic or anxiety is even better.
- Eating better. Eliminate caffeine from your diet for a while and see the difference. I'm not just talking about your morning coffee, I mean all those sodas too. Regular, diet, decaff, I don't care. I won't even drink it. I do occasionally slip up and drink tea, but some nice warm herbal tea can really relax you and calm you down. Now, if you need that caffeine for energy, they have vitamins out there that work wonders. I've been taking B-12 for quit some time now, and really gives you an energy boost. More greens are helping me as well; I eat a salad every day with my lunch, and tend to feel a bit more calm afterwords.

I forgot to mention this, but there are some herbal, homeopathic tablets you can also take. I have tried Hyland's Calms Forte and Nerve Tonic, both are fantastic.

I really hope this helped! Remember, keep a positive mind, relax, breathe. You can and will make it. Never give up.

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Have you tried eft?
Just do a search in Google for eft. The first hit should be it. Eft universe . Com


Hi Jess,

I don't mean to sound rude, but are you female or male? I am only asking because you mention that this gets worse around a certain time each month, which makes me think this could (at least in part) be hormonal. I only say this from experience. I am a 34 year old woman who has been dealing with panic attacks at varying degrees since I was 13.
If you are female, I suggest seeing a gynecolgist right away as the help you receive there may be what gets you through high school.
If you are male, I am terribly sorry for even saying the 'g' word in this post.
Either way best of luck to you and remember Jr High is a time no one enjoys, regardless of how 'normal' or otherwise you are.

Sarah Bear

I would lean away from deep breaths...of course do what works for you but since you are already in a panic state, deep breaths tend to make your brain feel as if it is drowning or suffocating is how my doctor explained it...regular slow breaths were recommended.


This is fake. 13 year olds don't use semicolons lol


I'm new to these panic and/or anxiety attacks and one thing I've found that honestly helps me the most is reading/hearing about people going through the same thing...and this is one of the most helpful articles I've read.


I am having a long bout with anxiety, (all day yesterday, last night, and again today). My heart palpatations and flip-flops have been pretty constant and it's wearing me down. I started looking on the internet for something that would help me and found this site and your experience and advice. I must say that your comments are so well-written and sincere and if you hadn't given your age, I would think that you were much older. You are very wise beyond your years! I'm old enough to be your grandmother, and reading your story has already make me feel a little better. I also know that getting enough sleep is essential to good health, but I usually don't get enough. I got very little sleep last night and I think that's part of my problem. Tonight I think I will take 2 Tylenol PMs to help me sleep. Even the regular Tylenol helps me to get a better night's rest, but I don't want to take Tylenol too often. Thank you for all of your good advice. I hope we both get over this. I'm voting for you and giving you a 10.


Hi Jess
I just recently accepted the fact that i have serious anxiety attacks. Your article was one of the best ones i read!!! Gave me alot of information and I feel 100000000 times better :) Thank you very very much!!!


Good information Jess, thanks.

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