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Yeah. Go get a root canal. Problem solved. Forget natural. Go see a dentist.

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Yeah maybe we can't afford a dentist. Ever think that might be why people are on a home remedy site. Duh!


Seriously, not every one even has insurance. and if you live in new york it cost about 300 to get a tooth pulled. :(


Thank You. At least some people understand. It takes money to go see a dentist and some of us dont have that A$$HOLE


I honestly think that the most valid point(besides financial reasons) for why people tend to come to home remedy sites for something such as a severe toothache (in many cases abscessed) is simply because of the fact that a vast majority of people cannot just go see a dentist at any givin point in time. first of all, I have never heard of 24 hour dentistry. second of all, dentistry work often requires a scheduled appointment which could take days/weeks/or in some cases long can u expect a person to endure such excrutiating pain? and when urgent dental care is available, usually the only option is extraction, and that may not necessarily be what a person wants to have done...


ths is the first time I have been on this site and wished I would have found it a lot sooner!! I have had 2 really bad abcesses in the past month and the only appt I could get is this coming wednesday.Antibiotics only last for so long and pain pills are a joke. So who ever wrote this msg in the first place needs to step into the shoes of real people in the real world! Life isn't always handed to you on a silver platter!!


Wow whoever the ass is who would be so insensitive to people in pain should be shot. Not everybody has insurance to be able to go to the dentist and without insurance dental work is extremely expensive. So if they don't have the money to afford dental insurance then they certainly don't have the money to just pay for it themselves. Seems to me like this unfeeling ass shouldn't even be on a home remedies site. GO AWAY YOU INSENSITIVE ASS. Oh and by the way I hope you have these same problems one day and no money for it then come back here to seek help you idiot.


Toothaches don't work around your schedule either. Mine started Friday night and my dentist doesn't open until Monday morning. I have to work both weekend days and smiling at customers and making pleasant conversation is not easy when you want to bang your head against the wall from the pain.


Y dont you come and pay for the teeth to be pulled...3 to 5 hundred each. With no job and no insurance...hummm yeah go see a dentist.


I HAD a root canal and developed an abscess afterwards. The dentist probably introduced bacteria during the procedure. I took antibiotics and it went away - or so I thought. Turns out it never left totally and it started flaring up again. This time it was worse. I had the root canal redone at an endodontist on Tuesday. Since then I've been in EXCRUCIATING pain. I've developed an even worse infection. Had to have my gums lanced today to let it drain and am on my third antibiotic. Nothing is working for the pain, which is why I came here.

The moral? Root canals don't ALWAYS cure the problem.


Seems like most of you have said what we are all thinking. This person is an ass, with no feelings whatsoever. Listen butthead.... we don't ALL have insurance, and things happen at odd when a dentist isn't available. GROW UP and go do something productive, and stop insulting decent people who are just looking for some pain relief!!!

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