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For poison ivy:

1. Wash body with soap and water after outing

2. If rash detected, apply white vinegar directly to rash, using sterile cotton balls

3. Repeat step 2 several times a day, some stinging and redness may appear (this is the poison being neutralized)

4. Don't scratch

5. Rash should be gone within one or two days

6. Never burn poison ivy (the smoke inhalation will cause internal toxic exposure)

7. See doctor if rash continues

8. Important to start vinegar treatment as soon after exposure as possible

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I tried this method and I'm not saying it didn't work... but the skin around the poison ivy started getting very red, which concerned me, so I stopped.


I tried this and I think it helped alittle bit but not enough. I switched to clorox and cotton balls after I tried the banana treatment and all the over the counter meds. The clorox stings but it seems to be the most effective for me.

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