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I tried the h2o2 remedy and it worked but I could not stand the taste it left in my mouth.T asted like bleach.So then I bought an ozone generator to ozonate water as it is supposed to have the same effect. I bought one of the better ones as I figured I would be using it a long time.The first couple of weeks I drank 2 liters every morning after running the ozone through it for about 45 min.I was very emotional during this time and my sinuses and ears felt like they were very sensitive. Since then I generally drink the water 2 times a week or so.My main triggers were alcohol.chocolate ,excessive physical exertion. It has been 8 months since an outbreak,when I first started.During this time I have consumed chocolate,gone on a 12 hour drinking spree (wedding),and played sports to the point of dropping.I am not saying I am Cured, but I don't wish to change my lifestyle,and this is a small price to pay to keep this under control.I also haven't gotten sick,even though I have been exposed to many who have. IT also helps with hangovers.The water is easy to drink,just smells like ozone. The model I bought was the airzone xt301. I have no complaints.Hope this helps someone

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I read the post about the ozonated water therapy, where did you look to purchase an ozone generator and if you don't mind me asking about how much did you pay for yours or how much do they run in price?? also, how well does it work for you??? is this something that you would recommend to everyone with GH??? i've been taking valtrex generic for a few weeks now b/c OB were very frequent for me, and so far, nothing has popped up which is a good thing for me. taking the pill everyday is not a problem for me but of course, if there is something else I can do in place of taking a daily pill, i would love that too.

And I don't know if anyone would be able to answer this, but any advice is very helpful to me...but I was diagnosed 7 months ago. I am currently single and not looking for a relationship, but how do I or should I go about telling someone that I want to develop a relationship with? b/c I think about it evryday and I can't even imagine how I would tell someone or when would be the right time to tell them. I know rejection is a high factor in this equation, but how do you deal with it?

thanks, gracelyn


I have read about a study in Azerbaijan using ozonated olive oil and ozonated saline solution taken intravenously.

I also believe that ozonated water injested orally and douched rectally and/or vaginally is the true cure for this ailment. I would also follow up this treatment with intravenous injections with vitamin C and ozonated saline solution.

Of course, the medical community won't tell people the truth about this because they want everyone to suffer needlessly. The one thing to know about this treatment is that the water has to be kept extremely cold in order to retain at least 80 percent of the oxygen level.

Oxygenated water seems to be the best hope in wiping out virii. Keep up the great work in informing the public of the truth.


Gracelyn, I have had genital herpes for 20 years. I have had my share of telling men about my problem and believe me, it's never easy. I know the shame you feel but please know that people who care about you, usually do not care about the virus. I do not tell a man on the first date (unless I'm trying to scare him away!! lol) I wait until we become sexually intimate. I tell him before we do anything so that he has the option of opting out.(that has happened to me once) I just say, 'I have something to tell you before we do this. It's something you need to know. I have Herpes. I know when I have outbreaks. It is manageable. I needed to tell you this because I care about you and I wouldn't have sex with you without you knowing about my problem.'

In 20 years I have had the opportunity to tell 6 men about my problem and only 1 of them backed out (we didn't know each other that well and maybe thats why?) The other five men were supportive and knew that I cared enough about them to tell them before we had sex. If someone cares about you it won't matter. Be careful, have safe sex. Love them but most of all, Love Yourself!

D. Minted

This is very easy... you go about business as usual and don't say a word. Then if you get an outbreak first, you make a HUGE deal out of it and play the 'victim'. You immediately blame your spouse and point the finger at them, saying 'Look what you gave me! Did you know about this?? Did you know that YOU gave ME this??'. I've had the occasion to master this method because let's face it, I haven't learned my lesson from getting GH IN THE FIRST PLACE. THREE times, T-H-R-E-E times, my mate said 'I'm so sorry... I...I...I suspected I may have had it once before, and the Dr. gave me this Valtrex, but I SWEAR I haven't had anything since, and thought it was mis-diagnosed!'. Then you have the upper hand and can milk it for all it's worth! Not to mention, you get to have THEM refill their RX, on THEIR insurance, and demand that they give YOU the pills... its a WIN/WIN!

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