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Sometimes if I feel that my vagina has an unclean feeling or odor, I shave or at least trim the hair from my pubic area, & then I wash with Summer's Eve feminine wash. It's very gentle & it neutralizes odor & kills all the bad bacteria. I know how self concious it can be when you don't feel your cleanest. I have never had to bathe in vinegar or anything like that, the feminine wash has always solved the problem.

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Most feminine/vaginal deoderisers contain harsh chemicals and parabens that are carcinogenic, will kill the vagina's natural internal balance, aggravate any infection & cause possible thrush!

Try mixing a teaspoon cider or balsamic vinegar with a tsp of honey, drop of tea tree or fennel oil, a tsp of plain thick Greek yogurt & 2-3 drops pf golden seal extract, the last two contain antifungal properties that gently & effectively help with odour & kill any infection & use a needleless syringe or dropper to insert. Try this overnight, infection should clear within 24 hours. Eating simple veggies, salads & fruit diet while you have the infection will help along with acidophilus supplements.

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