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Go in the ocean, salt water! tada-gone

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The ocean cleared the problem on my dog. It is amazing.


REALLY hurts though!


my cure.

scott s

I've seen it help my eczema when I am there. going to try a sea salt therapy.


going to the ocaen only caused a flare-up for me and furthermore dried out my skin


Swimming/soaking in a pool with chlorine has helped me in the past. Make sure you shower afterwards due to the chlorine drying out your skin, which can make your eczema worse.


Sad to say that it doesn't always work for my daughter.


This work so well for my son last year when we visited So Carolina for a week. I wanted to bottle it up and bring it back to the Midwest.

Now that it is back, I am going to have to try something else or convince my hubby that we need a summer home on the East Coast.


I have tried salt water and all it dose it make my eczema burn and flare up even worse

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