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This is now my 3rd infection in as many years after two wisdom teeth grew in and started causing chaos in my mouth. Unable to afford extractions, I tried every remedy I could find and tried my best to ride out the pain. The last two, I was blessed to have leftover hydrocodone to help numb the pain a little. But this time, I had nothing but naproxen sodium (Aleve) and a house full of home remedies that just didn't work on an open infection inside a broken tooth. I tried everything, even benzocaine ointments, which only made the pain worse.
But my saving grace came in the form of curiosity. I had heard that cloves were supposed to help, so I bought some whole ones since I couldn't find the oil. I put one in my mouth and bit down. The oil numbed EVERYTHING. I wanted to cry out of sheer joy. But, of course, the relief was only temporary. Later, as I was looking at the tiny bottle, I saw the website for McCormick and that they had a recipe for Chai Tea. Overcome by curiosity, I tried the recipe.
Point? I feel fabulous! The pain is gone! Not only have I found a great drink for the cold weather, but I have actually found something that works!!! Doesn't mean I'm stopping my regular Listerine gargles, though. And you shouldn't either. The antiseptic power-play in the Listerine, cloves, cinnamon, and tea have left me feeling better than I have in days! I can even cut back on my naproxen! (And am finally able to get rid of the troublemaker tooth that's been bothering me!)

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Didn't have most remedies in the house but seen the tea bag and then the Chai tea and decided to hunt through the several boxes of tea just sitting in my kitchen and came across Chai and Green Tea. Made some Chai tea and used the bag too and it worked... So glad I could slow this pain down, I am in pain 24/7 so when my tooth kicked in on a Saturday night I started hunting for help before it took over every part of me. One thing I know is that you have to keep the pain in check because it takes that much more to get it under control.

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