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Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.

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I am in SHOCK! I have had problems with Ivy since I was a kid, I used to get cortizone shots and even used to resort to putting bleach on my sores (no that burns!). I have had ivy for 3 days and the calamine is not working so I found this post. I wet the area, rubbed on the salt and let it dry. Once dry I simply brushed the dried salt off and the itch is GONE! I cannot believe something so easy works this good! I have read how other's think that it stings but honestly, the sting was not very bad at all for me.

Shannon Watson VaBeach VA

THIS TOTALLY WORKS. I am a pregnant woman and I recently got posion ivy or oak while being in the woods doing something I had no business doing. The worst spots were on my back, they swelled up and itched something fierce. They even got scabs on them in parts where I had scratched them raw. I had it on my breast, my thigh, and my back. I used the salt idea and it worked wonders. I sprayed the spots with a spray bottle of cold water, took the salt can and poured it (from the pour spout, not the shaker) directly onto the spots of posion and let it sit there. It stung, but not as bad as people make you think it will. While it stung it itched but I didn't touch it. After five minutes the salt was clumpy and crystalized and i wiped it off. After wiping it off it still stung for a good five minutes but after the sting was gone there was NO itch whatsoever. It was really bad on my back, someone had to spray me down and pour the salt on themselves, the spots were open and raw afterwards so i just let the air at them and they were fine, that only happened on the really bad spots, but i don't itch at all, i still have the urge to itch cause I suffered with the itch for 2 weeks before putting the salt on, but when i went to scratch I pulled my hand back, I had the urge to scratch but there was no itch. This salt trick is wonderful. And it works, best of all, its safe for pregnant women. YAYYYYYY

mark halsey

i have been highly allergic to this crap for years now and ive found that hot water only stops itching and causes the rash to spread faster calagel works but very slowly the best thing i have found so far is ocean potion ice its a sun burn / rash relief it has tea tree oil and alovera in it both of these will help stop the itching instantly and also heal the ivy/oak over a couple days apply liberally to the area a couple times a day or as needed for the itch


I have 'Poison Ivy' right around my eyes, in my ear and on/in my nose. What could I do then?..Without salt getting into my eyes?


I have poison ivy all over! I tried to put salt on it, and i only hurt on the parts where i scratched it and it was open. Also, i had poison ivy on my lips! (i don't know how) and i put it there! I don't know what i was thinking! Salt definitely dries out your lips, so don't put salt there! This is my first application, so i will see it it works! I hope so! I am ready to get rid of this stuff!!


Why does the medical industry hold back on simple information like salt! This has worked better than anything I have every tried. Immediately stopped the pain and itch. Covered it all day with salt on it and to my surprise, when I removed the bandage, I could not even see it. Awesome - Thanks for the post.

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