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Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.

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It stung a little, but the itching has stop completley, thanks so much!! :-)


First of all...i've been immune to Poison Ivy for as long as i can remember but suddenley caught it after knowingly weed eating it up last Thursday (imagine my surprise). Salt remedy is working great. Drink a few beers and you'll never notice the burn of salt application.

Jacki Smith

I am highly allergic to poison ivy. When I got into it last Friday while clearing brush I tried all those fancy high priced creams and all they did was make it spread. So I went online and found this site and thought with all the comments there might be something to this so I tried it. It has taken three rounds on certain of the larger spots. Yes it burns as I had lots of larger areas that were already raw from the creams but the itching went away when I rinsed the salt off. I will never be outdoors without taking a box of salt along. I just wish I had went online before buying all the creams. I really appreciate you sharing the information with all of us.


I know it sounds too good to be true. But it is true! Table salt stopped poison ivy rashes on the first day for me. It was a dreadful feeling when I saw the sign on my leg that evening. Rubbing salt on it for the next two days, once a day, stopped it cold.

I still can't believe that something this good is not known by the medical community.

PosionIvy Prone.

I get posion ivy bad every year. so at the first sight of bumpy red spots i got online and found this. I just started today and plan on doing it 3 times a day and when the salt dris i bruxh it off and put some posion ivy spary on it. I cant wait untill tomorrow to see the results!

helpless mom

it is on my 4 year old son really bad and i have tried everything under the sun with him and nothing is helping. i am going to try to put him in a salt bath with hopes that this also helps. he screams when i put it on him so hopefully i can put him in a bath with salt and see if this helps. does anyone have any other ideas how to apply this?


thank you guys veary much i can not tell you how thankfull i am. i was veary surprised this worked. it cleared it up with a snap of a finger.


can anyone find a source that proves this is real???


This worked for me too. Thanks for the cheap, easy and effective remedy for poison ivy.


This has really helped so far! I got poison ivy all over my face a couple days ago and it has been awful--itching so bad and making me look diseased. But I saw this and it took me a while to figure out how to do it. But it definitely works best if you wet your face first and then rub salt into the areas. It stings until you wash it off, but it's best if you wait until it dries to wash off the salt. And then do this multiple times a day with applying anti-itch cream after drying. It seemed to make it look less red as well. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

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