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Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.

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SALT BE THY SAVIOR!!!! Absolutely remarkable how salt did the trick. Thank you!!


Your grandmother was a smart lady. I am so glad she shared her secret with you so you could share it with the rest of the world. The salt does work to stop the itching, and I will be passing this tip on. Thank you so much.


I just tried it and it already feels & looks better!! thanks so much (:


This really worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended. Simple and easy.


well i have been a mojor sufferer of poison ivy in the past and used all kinds of stuff before so when i got a bit on my leg 2 days ago i searched for a home remedy end I just tried it si I hoope it works


Just tried it on several spots that have been itching for several days. It just got really horrible today. It's still a little itchy in just one of the spots out of many that I used the salt on!! Hopefully all of the redness will be gone tomorrow, and the bumps.


Ok so I tried the salt and water thing and it worked!After I washed the salt off, and dried myself, I put on some calimine lotion on my poison ivy, my legs felt so much better!! And it stopped the itch! Try it, it works!


my good lord i thought the itching would never stop! i am COVERED in poison ivy and this is the first real relief i've felt! i'm going to apply my second application right now and hope that it finishes the job~

mark roberts

My wife used salt on her poison ivy and it worked great thanks


I was extremely skeptical about this remedy (I know I sound like a bad info-merical), but this really worked. I ran hot water and massaged salt over the inflammed area. After blotting the area dry it took a couple of minutes, but all of the itching and irritation went away!! Thanks to the grandmother who passed this remedy on.

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