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Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.

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WOW! I was in agony all day with poison ivy in some very inconvenient places, but the instant i rubbed off the crystalized salt the itch was GONE. I just hope it will last. If not, I plan on implementing this remedy until the rash has disappeared.

Peter West the ivy itcher

I just used the salt/warm water application, there was an initial burning sensation, but already I can feel the oils being drawn out, aside from the moderate burning sensation, especially where I applied it on my left cut line(close to my genitals) I feel like it will work, thank your grandmama


I'm desparate and trying it now as i'm typing. First ever in my 45 yrs that I've had an outbreak. Son and husband get it TERRIBLE. It's been 1 1/2 weeks and spreading still. Right now the salt is crystalizing and relieving (especially with the ceiling fan on!!) and I'm looking a little bit crusty right now. Hope no one stops over but I don't care. You should see how my bathroom looks!!! Salt chunks everywhere.
A. how long to keep on
B. how often to use
C. how to take off

I'll let you know how it works. right now the itching is relieved. Thank goodness!!!
thank you,


Googled this home remedy, read the comments, tried it 2 times today. I think we have a WINNER!!! Thanks everyone! Just used regular table salt and applied it like a facial scrub to the affected areas on my arms with a little water then rinsed off.


I woke this morning with poison ivy across my neck. I found this posting around noon and now at 8:30pm I cannot believe how much better the rash is. I have applied the salt twice today and each time it got better. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Believe me it is really worth trying!


I have had several bad attacks with ive and oak. I've tried several things but when I tried the salt, it was amazing. I have never found anything work so fast. I got in the shower to get wet. Turned the water off and started an 'all body salt rub'. Let it sting for a while then finished my shower. Amazing, thanks!


you failed to mention that while it does stop the itching, if you have been scratching at it, it will burn like crazy. But otherwise THANK YOU!!!


Ohhh I just want to say thank you soooo much!!! I had poison oak for 3 weeks and I tryed everything! I mean everything until I saw this salt scrub thing....... I thought what do I have to loose?? So I did my arms first and Ohhh it felt sooo good to scrub it because it was the scratch I was sooo badly wanting to do anyway! Then the stinging set in but, it was a good sting, after itching for 3 weeks a sting was kinda nice. So I got into the shower that night got wet and had my husband poor salt all over my whole body. (Yes I was covered) I stood in there and scrubbed and then waited for it to dry on me. After good and dry I rinsed off and put on some calamine lotion. Ohhh I slept soo good for the first time in 3 weeks!! I have done a salt scrub 2 times a day for 3 days and then applyed the calamine. I didn't do one today and havnt used any calamine, cause I think it is all dryed up. I am itchy a little bit but I think it is from all the stuff I used together and it has dryed my skin out.
But I do know if I ever get it again I will use the salt on the first sign of anything itchy!!
Thank you to your G-Ma!!!


OMG THANK YOU TAHNK YOU THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I had it in between my toes n could not get it to stop itching!! Nothing I tried worked not even some of these other remedies but I tried the salt and BAMB!! itching gone..of course I tried the bakin soda plus water one after just to make sure it don't start to itch again but THANK YOU!!


well that worked thanks

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