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Bobby Dill

For poison oak or poison ivy use plain table salt. Just wet the infected area and rub it with table salt for fast relief and to stop the spread. Use again if itching doesn't stop after the first application. Usually stops it cold and also stops the spread. I have been using it for over 40 years with much success... It was told me by my Grandmother who had used it for many years.

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I've been to the doctor, but am still itching & waiting for the medicine to kick in. I'm at work and read about the salt and took some packets from the lunch room to the bathroom. I tried it on my worst arm and found relief!! I swear it's less inflammed already. I can't wait to get home and use it all over. THANK YOU! I'll be able to make it through the day now.


Just want to say thanks for this...I got poison oak or ivy this's been so hot over the last two days here in Ontario I think that heat has aggravated it. I've only had poison ivy once as a child and don't remember having it then, so as an adult, this is a new experience for me. Calamine lotion wasn't doing anything to relieve it, nor the meds the doctor put me on. I just tried the salt and so far the itching has stopped. Hopefully it will help clear it up, it was just starting to spread. Thanks very much!


stopped the itching instantly. this should be marketed. lol


im sittin here with the salt on my hand right now and it kinda works, it hasnt spread anywhere else thank god but i shall see if this works and i hope it does... its helping with the itch so far...and only a little bit of stinging!


thank GOD for the internet........uh and salt too!!!! works for me
thanks for the post




I was looking for the bst way to get rid of the ichy stuff and came across this web site i love it cause i get it in the winter (winter, it should be dead like everthing else right) , summer, fall,and spring, i even get it when the wind is blowing wrong and i always had to go to the doc but i dont have the money to goso i tried the salt thing and it realy realy works. so try it do just sit there GO!!!!


Thank you for this suggestion!! Itching stopped immediately, a little bit of burning, but will take it over the itching.


ok, I've just tried it. yes it does sting but that's better than itching. I've had this since last tuesday. I've tried the stuff you buy at the stores. I'll let you know if it clears it. But so far it's stop the itching thank you and your grandmother!


God Bless You!!!
I got poison ivy this week while picking black raspberries. Last night it was driving me crazy. Did this salt procedure and it is wonderful!!!
Thank you so much

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