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I have the worst tooth ache EVER!!! I tried all the OTC tooth ache stuff on the market. Ambesol, Orajel, Clove oil, Chloraseptic, brushing and nothing worked. I was fed up. Googled tooth ache pain and tried the vanilla extract. IT WORKED!!!!!! I can't believe something as simple as vanilla extract would work but it did. I have been out of pain for 30 minutes and it does not seem to be coming back. Thanks for the advice.

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Maybe we all can't afford a dentist and that's probably why we're on here.


I tried the vanilla first, I did actually feel relief. Now I'm sitting here with a teabag tag hanging out of my mouth... Thank God its late and everyone is in bed!
I did get some Oraljel for mouth sores and it has an antiseptic in it. I just took motrin and have an icepac for swelling..we'll see....


I took about a teaspoon of vanilla extract and swichised it around in my mouth. Burned like fire in my mouth but seems to have helped some.

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