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I read all remedies posted and headed straight to Walmart. Since this is the only 24 hour store in this small town I live in, I had no other option. They had no first aide kit and no clove oil. I was in such pain I had to come up w my own concoction. I purchased ground cloves in the seasoning aisle and a small bottle of olive oil. I went home and mixed the two, then I cut in half a tea bag and dumped the tea into the trash. I put the oil and clove mixture inside the tea bag and twisted it into a parachute type shape. I squeezed the tea bag over the trash until the oil quit dripping out. I then stuck the ball into the hole where my extracted tooth use to be and bit down slowly until I had a good bite. I kept a papertowel in hand to spit,while still biting down. It took a matter of minutes to relieve the pain. Not sure how long this will work since I am still biting on this as I type, but this sure beats the hell out of the pain I felt moments ago. Sometimes its hard to find the things you need at 2:30 in the morning so you need to imperavise. If you find yourself in my position, I hope this helps.

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