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Jarl Payne

HONEY HONEY AND NOTHING BUT HONEY. It takes away the itch fast. It works ten times better than what you buy at the store. It is cheap and sticks to your feet and works like a charm. Try and remember once a month to put it on when your feet don't itch and keep it away. And change those socks every day. Nothing but honey. Won't burn your feet or stink like other proposed ideas. Honey is anti microbial and anti fungal, that is why it does not go bad EVER and will kill your fungus!

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How long do you keep the honey on there, and how often? It's pretty darn sticky, wouldn't want to just rub it on and take off on foot (with or without shoes).
Interesting remedy for sure. I would like to see if it works... Looking forward to a reply.
Thank you!


Ditto the first comment: How much? How long? Do you wear it all day? It seems it would mess up your shoes as your feet heat up and it oozes through your socks.


i dont know i tried it 2 or three weeks of and on, i can't rememember any improvement. Might have been bad quality honey i don't know, but it didn't work for me.


Eat the an anti-fungal.

Now go away or i shall taunt you a second time!

Rob 111

Eat the honey, well it said up there to apply to your feet, are you sure you know what you are talking about?

Taunt me some more.

C tanner

Those who aren't having any luck are probably using regular clover honey from the grocery store.

The most powerful medicinal grade honey is called 'Manuka Honey' and it has it's own rating called 'UMF' (Unique Manuka Factor). The higher the better. I have some UMF 35 Manuka in my Med kit. It does a LOT of stuff. Google it.

I was here last night looking for athletes foot cure. I went with a 60/40 Water/white vinegar soak and them applied some Manuka Honey with q-tips. Next day (today) there is HUGE improvement! Itch/burning is GONE and I'm repeating the process till the skin is healed.

Find Manuka honey online or your local health food/natural foods store.

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