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Use Super Clean (engine cleaner). Take a napkin and dab it into the Super Clean and gently apply to the irritated areas. Follow up with a thourough bath or shower. AVOID PRIVATE AND SENSITIVE AREAS!!!

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I hear this is NOT A GOOD IDEA. I know that Nail polish will work wonders

S. Ketner

Lighter fluid is excellent. It will stop the itching and spreading. Be sure you use old fashion lighter fluid and not charcoal lighter. Lighter fluid evaporates quickly and the smell with it. Try it!


Nail polish works. Calamine Lotion does too. I would avoid flammable substances or irritants like engine cleaner. If you think you are going to pick up a lot of chiggers, use something with a lot of DEET in it. It may not be natural ,but you won't itch for the rest of your life.

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