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This is my second time having a really bad toothache within the last couple of years. I stumbled on this website after doing a google search. I wanted to see if there were any new remedies or approaches to alleviating the pain since my last toothache. I have seen a few new things to try-if/when necessary. It is funny how toothaches seem to take place on the weekend. I have a job-but no insurance coverage is offered. Here in Michigan, you can't ask for much more these days.

Right now, this toothache is slightly worse than the previous one I had. Only my lower jaw was swollen with the previous one. This time (although it is in a different area), my entire jaw is swollen to the point where half of my nose is raised.

I have been successful with the pain relief. I have tried a couple of different things, but one things seems to be consistent for me. I had read one time that whiskey was good, but I didn't have any at the time, so I thought I'd just give what I had at home at the time a try:

Cognac--Hennessy to be exact. And it works! Now I will say that with my first toothache, the only thing I had to do was periodically swish it around in my mouth a few times and spit it out--and that would do the trick. Then after a few hours, the paid went away for good. However, this time, the toothache is a little worse-so the pain was a little more intense. I tried swishing and it would work for about 20 minutes and the pain would start to come back. So what I did was poured a small amount into the cap and tore a small piece of papertowel (I am sure cotton will work just fine)and soaked it in the cap-full of cognac until it was completely soaked. Then, I folded it up into a piece small enough to fit into my mouth. I then placed it inside my mouth between my jaw and my gums-where the abcessed tooth is and just let it stay there. It works perfectly-no pain at all! Because it is alcohol, it does burn a little at first-for just a few seconds. But once the burning subsides, I felt the difference almost immediately! That was over two hours ago and I have not had any pain since. This worked even better than the vicodin I tried yesterday.

I don't know that it will work for everybody, but it's worth a try. Good luck!

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