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For menstral cramps, I've always layed on top of a can of veggies to put pressure on my uterus, lol. Sounds silly, but the pressure helps. Or you could curl up in a ball with the can on your uterus.

My personal favorite is having an orgasm. That always takes the cramps away for me.

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For me having an orgasm makes my pain worse but i did try the can of veggies and it worked.


Yes an orgasm really helps.;-)


Orgasms often work well in any situation. I happen to be a male but I know from experience that orgasms remedy menstrual cramps. You all just need to find the right guys who don't mind intercourse during periods :P


Having a orgasm did work! :)


An orgasm works like a charm in most cases! I had a terrible toothache (and I mean terrible in the worst kind of way)... my GF gave me a BJ... Guess what - it was OK! Completly GONE! You may think I'm trolling or just making fun, maybe it was a coincidence (not likely cuz we've tried it several times) but it's true, believe it or not.

As for the menstual cramps - I return the favour to my GF when she's in pain... Works like a charm there too!

Try it, you'll see we're not kidding!


Imm concerned that men read these forums..for what purpose?


you all are sick must be some whores lmao 'having a orgasm helps' you would know wouldnt you. and wtf kinda guys are you fucking that want there dicks in your bleeding hole come on now nasty asses get the fuck outta here


Hanging sex doesn't make anyone a whore. It a natural part of life. However, hanging a potty mouth make you sound trashy...


Having* sorry my iPad autocorrects things...


I'm not sure if that would work, but as suggested in another thread, exercising to relax muscles around pelvic areas helps cramps. So I guess, post orgasmic muscle relaxation would work in same way.

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