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OMG tooth pain is the absolute WORSE pain I've ever felt & Im sure a lot of you agree with me! Im 27 & I HATE the dentist. Bad experiences & the COST simply has kept me away from going [I live in America, need I say more] .. Id go bankrupt. I do plan on manning up & going though pretty soon, we do have urgent care dental facilities here.

ANYWAY, I've tried several home remedies for tooth pain. About a week ago, I got my second tooth abscess I've ever had. I've been dealing with this horrible pain, swishing warm salt water after meals helped to soothe the pain, & I ALWAYS keep ibuprofen with me as well. But a couple of days ago, the pain was so tender, i think the abscess was surfacing because the top of my tooth was so unbelievably tender, I couldn't close my mouth all the way. It hurt bad. Im not a huge tea drinker, so I couldnt try tea bags, but being somewhat of a COOk, I did have some fresh garlic cloves. I sliced one, & put it between my tooth & my cheek ..& bit down on another one, & within 15-20 minutes, the pain was GONE!!


Its still a little tender, but it doesn't throb, So Im alright for now. If it begins to hurt again, Ill slice up another piece of garlic. Another thing I've read on several sites is that Oil of Oregano works too. I've already ordered a bottle from I know how tooth pain hurts, & Im there with you. Try the garlic. It doesn't taste great, but it sure helped me.

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Dionne Neff

'TO ALL THAT WILL LISTEN' AN ABSESSED TOOTH IS VRTY SERIOUS!!! Im no doctor, just a very experianced patiant.. I take Dilantin for seizere control, and one of the side effects is 'TOOTH LOSS'!!!I have another absessing right now. The only thing that I can get to work(somtimes) is 'GARGLE WITH PEROXIDE', it doesnt take the absess away all the time, but it will slow it down untill you can get to the dentist to have the tooth extracted!!! Take it from me an absessed tooth is truly painfull but the only way to fix it if it has gone too far is the dentist!!!! thanks Miss 'Snaggle Tooth'

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