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Thanks to everyone for your advice. I went and bought the first aid Eugenol your spoke of. I had preventative dental work done with a filling on my back molar. I was having no pain at the time. A few days later I developed an abcess. I had the tooth pulled on Monday and now I guess I have dry socket. The dentist keeps telling me it is just an abcess and to keep taking the antibiotics. I went for a second opinion at my doctor and switched to a much stronger antibiotic. The pain is excruciating, feels like I was hit in the face with a baseball bat. The narcotics only take the edge off of the pain. I don't sleep much because I cannot get the pressure and pain to ease at all. I just read your blog on home remedies and went to the drug store. I really just wanted to lay down in bed, but I figured I would try it. This is the first relief I have felt in days. Orajel only works for a few minutes. I believe this remedy will get me through until the socket heals and the antibiotic does its job. Thank you so much!! I think I would have ended up at the ER tonight if this did not work.

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Hope you got some relief for what indeed sounds like a dry socket. I too am experiencing the joy after a tooth extraction, (not wisdom). Find a dentist or oral surgeon that will look in your mouth. I just happened to go to my dentist for regular cleaning 1 week after the extraction. He took one look at me with my watering eyes and permanent frown and said he could always tell the people with a dry socket. He whipped out the triplicate pad and I got some moderate relief with oxycodone. This is not something to deal with alone. Get help.

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