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Dab a little clear nail polish on the chigger bite as soon as you notice it.

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ate up

it works great


The most popular home remedy for which there is little justification is to dab nail polish on the welt. This cannot 'smother' the chigger because it has not burrowed into your skin, and it was probably scratched off long ago. The only benefit to applying a thick coat of nail polish is that it helps to remind you not to scratch the bite.

Chronic scratching will only cause the stylostome to further irritate. Scratching deep enough to remove the stylostome will probably cause a secondary infection that is worse than the original chigger bite. If you do scratch, disinfect the chigger bite with topical antiseptics.


OF COURSE it doesn't smother the chigger because they just bite, not burrow into your skin. The nail polish just helps relieve the itching.


This works great i had bite from my shoulders to my knees all over. I tryed many things. Chigger anti itch and clodridril lotion all that does is stop the itch. You need to get a stick of after bite put that on it first then the nail polish. Then take like 2 showers a day and rub real hard with soap and water then after bite and nail polish after each time. The nail polish will help you not itch and spread them when sleeping also.


clear nail polish did not seem to work either :( NO RELIEF


This remedy is not helping i have them now... still hurting!

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