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Had been fighting toenail fungus for over 5 years and tried everything imaginable, including but not limited to: daily alcohol soaks (30 days), same with vinegar, tea tree oil, penlac, tagamet (high dose for 60 days), OTC anti fungal topicals and sprays (long term), used these singly and in concert with other remedies, etc., etc., etc. Some of these showed some promise but the hopes were dashed every time.
What did work (and have been totally free of any toenail fungus for over two years now), was a drop of Clorox Clean-Up on each toes once (sometimes twice) a day for 2 weeks, and allowed to air dry. Also used common sense procedures to prevent cross contamination or reinfection including: Spaying shoes with anti-fungal sprays, clean socks daily, always clean pedicure tools by dipping in alcohol between EACH toe, keep nails short and file a little off the top (again use a washable emery board type file that can be dipped or cleaned with alcohol between each toe, when possible keep clipping off nails that are loose and beginning to fall off.
I'm pretty sure I got my fungus from salon pedicures, so now I bring my own pedicure tools and a spray bottle of Clorox Clean-Up to add an extra layer of cleanliness to the foot soak basin. Good luck!

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Jenn. M

Hi Can you paint your nails while doing the vinegar and Vicks rub or is it better to do this without have polish on your nails?


So do you have to dilute the Clorox Clean Up? I bought the one in a spray bottle. Just not sure to do it.

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