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I found out about a year ago that I have genital herpes. Thanks to this site I have only had 2 minor breakouts since, and it is all because of the crushed tylenol pm/abreva/water paste. This is amazing. I felt so stupid with blue genitalia, and my fiance was laughing at me, but now he makes sure I always have some on hand. Let me tell you one more thing that will help. Neosporin. Oh. My. God. Why I didn't think of it before I have no idea. I literally use it the second I see a blister coming during the day, and between that and the paste, my last 'outbreak' was 2 barely there blisters for 2 days. I really hope this helps, and for all those who are looking here for the first time, you are not alone. It is manageable. Keep your head up! :)

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how do you go about making the paste?


hi yes this is my very first time on this site and i SO appreciate your words of encouragement! thank you! was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago, have not had any outbreaks yet, sooo grateful for that! my doc said i could have had an atypical outbreak but not realized it but no major ones for sure!


How do I make the tylenol paste

just me

Take one pill, crush it, then add about 2 drops of hot water. Mix it until it becomes a PASTE, then apply to affected area right before bedtime. I also mixed a small amount of Abreva to the paste. IT WORKS!!!!

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