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I found this site out of desperation for a QUICK fix for pain. My husband woke to excruciating pain and he popped 2 Aleve and paced for 20 relief. He was in so much pain he was nearly in tears. So I went to the web as that was about all one can do at midnight.

I have read many of the remedies on this site. And only 1 worked and worked almost INSTANTLY.

1 tsp of Baking Soda & 1 tbsp of vinegar. Mix the two and as soon as is fizzes dip your toothbrush in it and brush til the mix is gone. He was feeling relief within a minute and the pain slowly simmered down to where he could rest comfortably.

Thanks to the originating posting of this remedy. I wish I could thank you personally as this has been the ONLY thing in over a year that has worked this well. And trust me....we have tried many.

Good Luck to everyone....

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Yes... it worked where nothing else seemed to. I was told last week by the dentist that I need 2 root canals and a filling replaced. :( A day later, the pain kicked in. Weird! Intermittently at first and mostly at night, but today it hurt for almost 3 hours straight, mid-day, and even clove oil didn't really help. I wonder (like someone else in this thread did also), did it get in there and kill or deaden the nerve? I'm quite surprised on how well and how quickly this worked.

Tandy r

That helped omg thanks sooooo much! It 4am now I can sleep

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